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How to Replace a Caliper on a Honda Prelude


The brakes in your Honda Prelude are among the most important parts of the vehicle. If something like the calipers must be replaced, it should be in the hands of an expert. Talk with your mechanic before attempting to change any major part on your Prelude.

Tools Used: Tools, Allen/socket wrench, Tire iron, Jack, Oil/fluid pan, Caliper for Prelude, Copper washers, Small rubber piece, C-clamp

Replace Caliper


Siphon about half the brake fluid out of the master cylinder reservoir. Don’t allow the reservoir to empty to prevent as little air as possible to enter the system. Raise and support the vehicle safely on the jack stand. Remove the tire and wheel assembly. Unfasten the caliper’s mounting bolts. Remove the caliper assembly from the rotor/bracket, pivoting it upward and sliding it off the pin.