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How to Replace Wheel Caps on Hyundai Genesis Sedan


Replacing the center caps on you Hyundai Genesis depends on how you bought the sedan. If you bought the car new, then the center caps will be from Hyundai. If the car was used, the previous owner may have changed the center caps. This matters because you will have to remove the old caps to replace them–and removing them can either be quick and easy or difficult and time-consuming.

Tools Used: Tools, Car jack, Tire iron, Pliers, Screwdriver, Center cap removal tool

Replace Wheel Caps

Center Caps With Holes

Purchase a center cap remover at an automotive parts store. This tool looks like a screwdriver but has a tiny hook at the end. Look for pinhole on the center cap. This could be covered with an emblem or, in the case of Hyundai, a hologram. If you are not concerned with keeping or selling the old center cap, remove the emblem to get at the hole.