Home Auto Repair How to Change Transmission Gasket on Isuzu Rodeo

How to Change Transmission Gasket on Isuzu Rodeo


The transmission gasket on your Isuzu Rodeo seals the junction between the transmission fluid pan and the transmission housing. This keeps fluid from leaking out of the pan and also prevents dirt and grime from working their way into the transmission fluid. Over time the gasket can wear out and require replacement. Luckily, changing the transmission gasket on an Isuzu Rodeo can easily be accomplished by the home mechanic.

Tools Used: Tools, Wheel ramps, Wheel chocks, Socket wrenches, Tub/large container to collect old fluid, Putty knife, New gasket, Transmission fluid

Change Transmission Gasket

Drive the Rodeo up onto the wheel ramps, and put the vehicle in park. Place the wheel chocks behind the rear wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward.