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How to Install a Fuel Tank on a Kia Spectra


People who buy compact cars like the Kia Spectra, are looking for high levels of fuel efficiency. If your vehicle has a leaky fuel tank, your miles per gallon will not be accurate. The Spectra is an underpowered economy car. Its construction is cheap, so rust and corrosion of its parts is expected. Routine maintenance is required to have longevity in the life of Kia vehicles.

Tools Used: Tools, Fire extinguisher, New fuel tank, Fuel line, Hose clamps, Proper gas storage container, Floor jack, Wrenches and sockets

Install a Fuel Tank

Drain the gas from the fuel tank in a container that is specifically designed to hold combustible liquid. Determine if there is a drain cock on the fuel tank or if you need to disconnect the supply line in order to drain the remainder of the gasoline in the tank.