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How to Make the Remote Work on a Mazda RX8


The Mazda RX8 sports car can be locked and unlocked with a remote transmitter. This transmitter controls the remote-entry system installed in your Mazda. To make the remote work on your RX8, you will need to program the remote to your specific RX8. For security reasons, you will have to access the ignition system of your RX8 in order to program the remote. This prevents other people from being able to purchase a third-party remote and unlock your Mazda from the outside.

Open the driver-side door and leave it open. All other car doors must be closed. Complete steps 2 through 5 within 24 seconds. Insert the key into the RX8 ignition and turn it to the “On” position. This is as far as the key will turn before you crank the engine up. Turn the key as far as it will turn counterclockwise, or to the “Lock” position.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 another two times. Close the driver-side door, then re-open it. Do this three times. The car locks will cycle on and off.

Press the unlock button twice on your RX8 remote. The doors will lock and unlock once again, but if they don’t, close and open the driver-side door again. If the locks do not cycle on and off, start over at step 1. Remove the ignition key and test the remote.