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How to Flash the Lights on a Mazda Miata MK1 MX5


The MK1 Miata MX5 was made between 1990 and 1997. This particular Miata model is also known as the NA model, while subsequent models are known as the NB or NC. The NA is known for its retractable or “pop-up” headlights. The lighting-control switch is the same in all MK1 MX5s. If you need to get someone’s attention, you may want to consider flashing your lights at them. However, you should reserve the feature for important notifications.

Flash the Lights

Locate the multi-function stalk attached to the left side of your steering column. This is your turn-signal switch as well as your lighting switch. Grasp the end of the multi-function stalk and turn the knob forward. This opens the retractable headlights and turns the Miata’s lights on. Pull the multi-function stalk toward you, and then release it in a fluid motion. This flashes your lights.