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How to Replace a Caliper on a Mitsubishi Eclipse


A sports car like the Mitsubishi Eclipse needs reliable brakes. Not only will parts like calipers have to be replaced if worn or cracked, but they must also be done properly. If you wish to perform such service on your Mitsubishi yourself, talk with a mechanic or other expert before doing so.

Tools Used: Tools, Allen/socket wrench, Tire iron, Jack, Oil/fluid pan, Caliper for Eclipse, Replacement washers, Small rubber piece, Transparent hose

Replace Caliper

Drain the brake master cylinder partially of fluid to prevent overflow during the operation. Two-thirds should suffice. Be sure to replace the fluid afterward.

Remove the wheel once the vehicle is securely raised on the jack stand. Disconnect the brake hose at the banjo bolt and plug the hose to prevent contaminating the fluid. Discard the washers.