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How to Remove the Solenoid on a Nissan 240SX


If your Nissan 240SX does not start, you may be having trouble with either the starter or the starter solenoid. The starter is a component that sends an electrical signal that essentially starts your car. The starter is comprised of two parts, the starter and the starter solenoid. Replacement starters and starter solenoids for your Nissan 240SX can be bought at any auto parts store. It takes approximately one hour to replace your 240SX starter solenoid.

Tools Used: Tools, Wrench set, Floor jack, Jack stands

Remove the Solenoid

Pop the hood on your Nissan 240SX. Loosen and remove its negative battery cable with your wrench set. Engage your Nissan’s emergency brake and jack up the front driver’s side. Slide jack stands under the front axle and lower the car onto them.