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How to Install an HID on a Nissan 350Z


It’s easy to forget how important headlight illumination is for a vehicle. It’s what allows you to see at night and is the first thing other drivers and pedestrians see to let them know you are coming. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are brighter than standard headlights and provide for a wider viewing area. This makes driving at night safer for the average person. HID lights are also a style element, because the clear lenses and brighter lights complement the sleek design of this vehicle.

Tools Used: Tools, HID conversion kit, Car jack, Socket set, Flat-head screwdriver

Install an HID

Access the Headlight Area

Set blocks behind the rear wheels of the car to brace it. Lift the front of car off the ground using the jack. A hydraulic jack will allow both front wheels to be off the ground at the same time.