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How to Check the Fuel Delivery on a Mitsubishi Eclipse


The Mitsubishi Eclipse was first produced by Mitsubishi Motors as a three-door hatchback in 1990 and then as a two-door convertible in 1995. The first generation Eclipse was rated one of the best values for small sports coupes by Consumer Guide Automotive. Check the fuel delivery system in an Eclipse if the engine stalls in traffic, starts running rough or won’t start at all.

Check the Fuel Delivery

Relieve fuel system pressure. Take off the fuel filler cap and disengage the harness connector for the fuel pump. It’s located under the back seat beneath a cover. Start the Eclipse and let the engine run until it stalls from lack of gasoline. Turn the ignition off and disconnect the negative battery cable.

Disconnect the fuel pressure sensor vacuum hose. Check for fuel in the line. If there is fuel present in the line, the fuel delivery problem is likely caused by a faulty fuel pump pressure regulator. If there is no fuel in the line, reattach the vacuum hose and continue with the fuel delivery diagnostic.