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How to Install a Fuel Tank on a Nissan Maxima


In the 1990s, the Nissan Maxima was made to be a bridge between expensive sports cars and conventional family cars. The new-century Maximas are more of the sports-car variety. Installing a new fuel tank in your Maxima allows you to update your car in the comfort of your own garage. Just learn how these Nissans run before beginning the fuel tank installation process.

Tools Used: Tools, Siphoning hose, Fuel container, Floor jack, Wooden board, Fuel tank, Torque wrench

Install a Fuel Tank

Disconnect the negative battery terminal from your car battery. Remove the fuel tank filler cap, insert a siphoning hose into the tank and empty the contents into a fuel container. Take off all fuel lines and hoses on and around the fuel tank. Lower the old fuel tank to the ground with a floor jack, placing a wooden board underneath the tank for support.