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How to Install a Fuel Injector on a Nissan Quest


The fuel injectors on a Nissan Quest are located in the fuel rail on the intake manifold. The fuel injectors meter precise amounts of fuel into the cylinders and are controlled by the engine computer. Over time the fuel injectors may clog and need to be replaced. In addition, the electronic components inside each injector may wear out. Replacing the fuel injectors is a somewhat complicated process that may require eight hours or more. You should thoroughly evaluate your own level of mechanical skill before attempting this repair.

Tools Used: Tools, Wrench set, Waste oil collection pan, Needle nose pliers, Masking tape, Marker, Phillips screwdriver, Flat blade screwdriver, Flat razor blade, Light grade oil, Replacement fuel injectors, Replacement O-rings, Upper intake manifold gasket, Antifreeze

Install a Fuel Injector