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How to Clean a Injector on a Nissan Sentra


Injectors on a Nissan Sentra, or any other Nissan can become blocked as a result of excess dust and dirt. Small bits of debris can escape the filtration process which normally takes place at a gasoline refinery or factory. Nissan vehicles are fitted with their own filtration system that catches debris that has gone unnoticed at the refinery. The filtration system becomes less effective over a period of time, therefore, it is necessary to clean the injectors on a regular basis. This is usually carried out using a fuel injector cleaner.

Tools Used: Tools, Fuel Injector Cleaner, Overalls, Gloves, Old rags

Clean a Injector

Go to a vehicle parts store or garage, and buy the fuel injector cleaner. Make sure you inform the sales advisor of the make and model of your vehicle to ensure you get the correct product.