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Oldsmobile Alero Windshield-Washer Reservoir Replacement


Although the Oldsmobile Alero is no longer on the market, you may still own one and need to use your windshield washer fluid to help keep it clean. If you run out of fluid, refill the reservoir. If you still don’t have fluid, you may need to locate a leak and fix it.

Tools Used: Tools, Windshield washer reservoir, Seals, Pry tool, Screwdriver, Wrench

Replace Windshield-Washer Reservoir

Find the part number for your windshield washer reservoir. The part number depends on the year of your Alero. You can get the part by either ordering it from the dealer or online, or get it from a salvage yard. However, since this car isn’t available any longer, an alternative to getting it from the dealer is probably more likely.