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How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioning on Plymouth Voyager


Check the control panel next. If the air conditioning controls are not working at all, then the control panel is likely to blame. Get to the control panel in your Plymouth Voyager by first removing the cupholder, then the small trim panel directly above it. Unscrew the two lower screws, then the two upper screws above the radio. Unplug the wiring connectors and then pull out the climate control panel.

Listen for the blower motor to be properly working while the engine is running with the air conditioning controls turned to high. Adjust them from low to high to make sure the blower motor noise increases and decrease accordingly.

Disconnect the negative battery cable and wait to minutes to disengage the air bags before removing the blower motor. Remove the glove box next, pull off the cover, unplug the connectors, unscrew the mounting screws and pull out the blower motor.