Home Auto Repair How to Change a Starter on a Polaris ATV

How to Change a Starter on a Polaris ATV


Remove the backing of the clutch housing with the socket wrench. There are three bolts at the primary shaft and three more at the transmission shaft to remove.

Locate the starter between the motor and the transmission. Remove the two bolts holding the starter motor to the motor with the socket wrench, and gently tap it back. It will slip out of its hole. Remove the positive cable from the starter and it is out.

Place the new starter in its place, reattach the wire and then reassemble the lower part of the engine (reverse of steps 1 to 4) using the socket wrench and screwdriver. Start the ATV and see how it runs.

Tips & Warnings: You may need a special tool to remove the drive clutch, which is commonly available at any Polaris dealer.