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How to Aim the Headlights on a Pontiac G6


The Pontiac G6’s usually don’t have to be adjusted, as they are preset at the factory before being sold. However, if certain conditions occur, such as an accident or headlight replacement, then it is possible that the headlights will need to be aligned. Pontiac recommends that you take it to a licensed dealership to have this service done, but you can do so at home with minimal fuss.

Tools Used: Tools, Flat wall or surface, 6mm External Hex Allen Wrench, Electrical tape, Measuring Tape, Writing utensil and paper

Aim Headlights

Park the vehicle on a level surface, 25 feet from a flat wall. Make sure the vehicle is parked perpendicular to the wall, and that the G6 is approximately the same weight as when it is operating– that is, make sure it’s not loaded down in the trunk with extra weight, or over the car with snow or mud.