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How to Replace the Brake Pads on a Pontiac G6


The brake pads on the Pontiac G6 require regular maintenance to ensure their proper functioning. GM recommends replacing the brake pads every 50,000 miles, however, the time and mileage that it takes to wear a set of brake pads to the point that they require replacement varies. The G6’s brake pads are designed with metal wear indicators attached. The indicators are thin clips that will make contact with the brake rotors when the pads have reached a critical level of wear. Listen for the grinding and/or squealing from the brakes and replace the pads as soon as possible.

Tools Used: Tools, 13 mm wrench, Lug wrench, Jack, Jack stands, Brake pads, Brake grease, C-clamp, Brake fluid

Replace the Brake Pads

Park the Pontiac on a level section of the road or driveway. Pull the hood release lever and move to the engine compartment.