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Porsche Boxster Oil Change Instructions


Porsche often complicates simple maintenance procedures. Oil changes in most Porsches require draining an oil tank separate from the motor and multiple oil filters. Porsche eliminated the separate oil tank and multiple oil filters on the Boxster. This makes changing the oil on a Boxster similar to other vehicles with the exception of the oil filter. Unlike a standard oil filter, the filter of a Boxster utilizes a reusable exterior plastic shell filled with a replaceable filter media. Properly securing the vehicle before changing the oil will ensure your safety during the procedure.

Tools Used: Tools, Floor jack, Jack stand, 12 quart drain pan, 74mm oil filter wrench, Porsche OEM filter, 10 quarts of 15w-50 oil

Change the Oil

Apply the parking brake. Roll a floor jack under the front left side frame of the Boxster. Pump the floor jack to raise the vehicle to a height which enables you to work comfortably.