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How to Read an Oil Dipstick on a Saturn L300


The Saturn L300 is equipped with a computer system that alerts its operator when the oil and the oil filter should be changed. But the system does not indicate when the oil level is too low or too high. The importance of a proper oil level cannot be understated. An insufficient oil level will cause elevated engine temperatures and premature engine wear. Too much oil, likewise, can damage the engine. Saturn therefore recommends that the oil level be checked every time fuel is added to the car. Fortunately, checking the oil level on a Saturn L300 is fairly simple.

Tools Used: Tools, Paper towel, Engine oil (if necessary)

Read an Oil Dipstick

Drive the Saturn L300 onto a level surface and let the car idle until the engine is warm. Turn the engine off and allow several minutes to pass for all the oil to drain into the oil pan.