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How to Change a Brake Bulb on a Suzuki Aerio


The most difficult bulb to determine has failed in your Suzuki Aerio is the brake light bulb. Unless you have someone assist you checking the rear lights or a prop stick to place on the brake pedal so you can check them yourself, brake light bulbs are often taken for granted until someone lets you know it’s out. The sedan and wagon models of the Aerio employ different brake light bulbs, but both require the same procedure to access them.

Tools Used: Tools, Screwdriver set, 7443 replacement brake light bulb (sedan), or 1157 replacement brake light bulb (wagon)

Change Brake Bulb

Open the trunk (sedan) or liftgate (wagon) of the Suzuki Aerio. Locate the two retaining screws for the respective taillight assembly located on the pillar. Remove the two screws with the appropriate screwdriver.