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Suzuki GS500 Oil the Chain Service Manual


The Suzuki GS500 is a entry-level motorcycle with a 487 cubic centimeter four-stroke engine. The chain is what transfers the power from the transmission to the rear wheel. Oiling the drive chain according to the recommendation inside the owner manual is one of the most important things that you can do the help ensure proper function. You can buy the chain oil from any Suzuki motorcycle dealer or on the Suzuki motorcycle website.

Tools Used: Tools, Motorcycle jack, China oil

Oil the Chain

Compress the clutch and place the engine in neutral. Place the motorcycle jack under the frame and raise the GS500 off the ground. Insert the plastic tube on the side of the lubrication can into the tip of the valve. Go to the rear wheel sprocket and get on one knee. Spray a liberal amount of lubrication onto the chain and sprocket as you turn the rear wheel. Spray the lubricant until the length of the chain is covered. Wipe the access oil from the rim and lower the GS500 to the ground.