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Toyota Camry Windshield-Washer Reservoir Replacement


If after filling up your Toyota Camry reservoir you discover there isn’t any fluid, you can deduce that you have a leak and need to either fix or replace the reservoir. The part number you want will depend on the year of your Camry.

Tools Used: Tools, New windshield washer reservoir, Wrench, Jack

Replace Windshield-Washer Reservoir

Place an order for a new reservoir from the parts supplier for your Toyota Camry. Some dealerships may have a replacement reservoir in stock for purchase; otherwise, ask them to order one for you. Ordering the reservoir before you dismantle the car will save you from having to dismantle it twice. Buy discount parts from The Parts Bin (see Resources). Use Part #T400902 for 1987 to 1991 Camrys, Part #T400903 for 1992 and 1993, Part #T400905 for 1994 to 1996 and Part #T370503 for 1997 to 2001. You can always return it if you don’t need it.