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How to Clean a Gas Tank on a Toyota Celica


The Celica was first produced by Toyota in 1971. This sporty coupe served as a replacement for other sport vehicles that were difficult to insure. Over time, the Celica has increased in quality and sophistication, with sleeker designs and more features. However, just like any vehicle, the Celica is susceptible to dirt and debris entering the gas tank. If your Celica’s gas tank needs to be cleaned, you will need to empty it and rinse it out.

Clean a Gas Tank

Remove as much of the tank’s contents as possible. This might mean driving your car until it has little gas, or siphoning the gas from the tank using a hose. The gas tank is heavy, and to remove it, the tank should be as empty as possible.

Remove the gas tank from the vehicle. Disconnect the two wires at the top of the tank that connect to the fuel sender. Unbolt the tank straps holding the tank in place.