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How to Use an iPod With an FM Car Transmitter


When travelling by car, connecting your iPod to the car stereo can make the journey more enjoyable, enabling you to listen to your own playlists and allowing your passengers to listen in. Although the iPod cannot usually be connected directly to a car stereo, using an FM car transmitter allows any car stereo with a radio to play music from an iPod. This is an ideal solution for older cars, which usually have basic stereos with no CD player, giving limited music choices.

Step 1
Turn on the car stereo, making sure the volume is on a low setting for the tuning process.

Step 2
Switch to the radio on the car stereo and scan through the frequencies until you find a frequency that is not used by a commercial radio station or is only receiving a very weak signal. The best frequencies are ones that also have clear frequencies below and above them for better sound quality.