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Removal Instructions for a Buick Regal Radio


Located to the right of the steering column, the factory radio in late-model Buick Regals features an AM/FM tuner and a cassette or CD player. Removing the radio lets you replace it with a more powerful aftermarket radio that has improved audio performance. Many aftermarket radios also have options like Bluetooth for hands-free calling and iPod control, among other features. Probably the biggest challenge of removing the radio is that there is a fair amount of dash disassembly required.

Step 1 – Remove any media, such as CDs or cassettes, from the old radio. Turn off the ignition and set the parking brake.

Step 2 – Remove the two 9/32-inch bolts from either end of the driver’s side knee panel below the steering column.

Step 3 – Open the glove box and remove one 9/32-inch bolt from below the box. Pull the knee panel below and to the right of the glove box towards you to remove.