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How to Install Rear Speakers on a Dodge Ram


Dodge Ram pickup tricks come equipped from the factory with a stereo system that includes rear speakers mounted in the rear side trim panels. If you want to install new speakers in this location you’ll need to remove the original speakers first. Items you will need: Torx T-25 bit and driver, Panel tool, Torx T-47 bit

Step 1 – Take out the three Torx T-25 screws on the bottom of the rear tool box mounted to the floor behind the seat. Use a driver and a T-25 bit. Lift the box straight up to remove it from the vehicle when the screws are removed.

Step 2 – Pry the plastic cover off of the seat-belt anchor on the side wall of the truck with a panel tool. Remove the Torx T-47 bolt that’s underneath the cover.

Step 3 – Pry around the edges and side of the upper rear quarter-trim panel with a panel tool to release the clips holding it in place. Work out the front edge from underneath the rubber door gasket and remove the panel.