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How to Find the Radio Code for a Honda


Items you will need: Honda with anti-theft audio system, Identification card with radio code

If the battery on your Honda dies and the car’s audio system is equipped with an anti-theft device, your radio will not work properly after the battery gets recharged. The anti-theft device will lock you out unless you can provide the radio’s unique identifying code. Finding this code will be much easier if you have managed to hold on to an identification card listing the radio code. Without the card, finding the radio code and unlocking the audio system will be more difficult.

Make sure your Honda radio requires a code. If it does, once power has been restored to your vehicle, your Honda’s audio system will flash a message indicating that you must punch in a special code to disable the anti-theft device. The message may be the word “Code.” The anti-theft device is meant to thwart criminals from operating an audio system they have stolen from a vehicle.