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How to Remove a Gas Tank on a Yamaha R1


The most common reason for removing the gas tank from a Yamaha R1 is to access and replace the engine-air filter. However, you may also need to remove the gas tank to perform other repairs. The gas tank is mounted beneath the rider seat. It’s attached by a few bolts and hoses. After the initial wait time, expect the procedure to last about 30 minutes. Exercise caution when removing the gas tank. The procedure is not recommended if you aren’t familiar with automotive or motorcycle repair.

Tools Used: Tools, 5mm Allen wrench, Phillips-head screwdriver, Shop towels

Remove a Gas Tank

Allow your R1 to sit for about two hours with the engine off. This will reduce the fuel pressure, thereby reducing fuel leakage.

Peel back the rear edge of the rider seat. This exposes two metal bolts. Remove them using a 5mm Allen wrench. Grasp the rider seat and lift it off. Remove the Phillips screws (three per side) from the side panels. Push the panels forward to remove them.