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How to Fix the Front Brakes on a Yamaha ATV


Yamaha’s line of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are designed to withstand extreme operating conditions, ranging from rocky hillsides to muddy embankments. In most cases, these rugged machines can brush off the dust with little effect on their overall efficiency. However, small pinhole leaks in the ATV’s hydraulic brake lines can allow dirt and debris to enter into the system, reducing the brakes’ capabilities drastically. This often appears in the form of a soft, spongy-feeling brake lever and a noticeable decline in braking capability. Flushing or bleeding the brake system will restore your front brakes to proper working order.

Tools Used: Tools, Clear plastic tubing, Container, Brake fluid, Wrenches, Shop towels

Fix the Front Brakes

No Response at the Brake Lever