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How to Install the Brake Calipers on a Volvo 240


The brake calipers on a Volvo 240 are an important component of the brake system. As the part that is responsible for clamping the rotor when the brakes are applied, it is essential to keep your 240’s caliper in good shape. Sometimes it is necessary to remove and rebuild or even replace the calipers on your Volvo. This article covers removal and installation of the brake calipers.

Tools Used: Tools, Jack and jack stands, Brake cleaner, Rags, Socket set and ratchet, Line wrenches to loosen the brake line

Install the Brake Calipers

Loosen the lug nuts and raise the vehicle with a floor jack. Place jack stands underneath the Volvo at the appropriate points and lower it onto the jack stands. Remove the wheels. Spray brake cleaner onto all of the brake components, including the caliper, rotor and brake line. Wipe everything down with a rag until the brakes are free of dirt and oil.