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P00B2 Radiator Coolant Temp Sensor Circuit Range


What are some of the symptoms of the code? Symptoms of a P00B2 diagnostic code may include: Hard cold starts Erratic idle Engine stalling Poor fuel mileage Smoking exhaust Fuel smell Symptoms Erratic or false temperature readings Poor engine performance

What are some of the common causes of the code? Causes for this code may include: Defective radiator or other coolant temperature sensor (CTS) Dirty/plugged sensor pickup Sensor O-ring/Gasket leaking Broken or damaged wiring harness Fuse ECM issue Pin/connector problem (corrosion, melting, broken lock tab etc.)

What are some P00B2 troubleshooting steps? Be sure to check for technical service bulletins (TSBs) for your vehicle. Getting access to a known fix can save you time and money during diagnosis. Tools Some of the things you may need when diagnosing or repairing the radiator coolant temperature sensor circuits and systems: