Home Auto Repair 2018 Honda Accord Cargo Net User’s Information Manual

2018 Honda Accord Cargo Net User’s Information Manual


Download How to Use the Cargo Net • Attach the two snaps to the lower loops on the cargo net to the lower rings. Then attach the two upper loops to the anchors. • Do not store large or fragile objects in the net. • Do not store objects with sharp edges or corners, as they may damage the cargo net or the vehicle. Wrap them in paper or a blanket so they will notcontact the net directly.• Do not use the rings for purposes other than securing the accessory cargo net or accessory cargo organizer.

Introduction Thank you for purchasing this Honda accessory. Please read this manual carefully before using the cargo net, and keep it in the glove box for future reference. This product is designed to be used exclusively on a Honda Accord. Honda is not responsible if the product is used for anything other than its intended purpose. This manual should be considered a permanent part of the vehicle. It should remain with the vehicle at all times and stay with the vehicle when sold.