Home Auto Repair 2018 Honda Accord Parking Sensors User’s Information Manual

2018 Honda Accord Parking Sensors User’s Information Manual


Download How the Parking Sensors Work Parking Sensor System The corner and center sensors monitor objects nearyour vehicle. The beeper and the Multi-InformationDisplay let you know the approximate distancebetween your vehicle and the object. Even when the system is on, always confi rm if there are objects near your vehicle before parking. The system may not work properly when: A sensor is covered wit • h snow, ice, dirt, or debris.

• The vehicle is on an uneven surface, such as grass, a bumpy road, or a hill. • The vehicle has been out in hot or cold weather. • The system is affected by devices that emit ultrasonic waves. • Driving in bad weather. The system may not sense: • Thin or low objects. • Sonic-absorptive materials, such as snow, foam or cardboard. • Objects directly under the bumper. Do not put any accessories on or around the sensors. With the ignition ON, press the parking sensor system button to turn the system on or off.