Home Auto Repair 2018 Honda Accord Trunk Drawer User’s Information Manual

2018 Honda Accord Trunk Drawer User’s Information Manual


Download Normal Drawer Operation • Push the yellow tab. Using the handle, open the drawer. • Using the handle, slide the drawer back until the yellow tab clicks in place. • Never place items in the drawer that are taller than the drawer, you could damage the drawer or the trunk liner. • Before driving, make sure the drawer is closed and the yellow tab is locked in position. Drawer Removal Open the drawer until it stops, and insert a fl at-tip screwdriver between the inner rail and the outer rail.

On the left side pry the bracket down. On the right side pry the bracket up. Pull out on the drawer to release one side, then repeat on the other side. Drawer Installation Line up 1. the rails and insert the inner rail into the outer rail. 2. Hold the ball-bearing cage while you insert the inner rails fully into the ball-bearing cage. 3. Complete one full open/close cycle to test for proper installation. 4. The drawer should slide smoothly and stop at the full open position. If not, make sure the inner rail is installed properly.