Home Auto Repair How to Install Deck Lid Spoiler (4-Door) on 2018 Honda Civic

How to Install Deck Lid Spoiler (4-Door) on 2018 Honda Civic


Download 2018 Honda Civic Deck Lid Spoiler (4-Door) Installation Instructions – Installing the Trunk Spoiler 1.To prevent metal shavings from falling into the trunk, attach masking tape to the trunk lid and the inner taillight as shown. 2. Place the template on the left side of the trunk lid,a nd line up the template with the trunk lid as shown. Tape the template to the trunk lid with strips of masking tape. 3. Using a felt-tip pen, mark the trunk lid through the template at the locations shown. 4. Remove the template.

5. Turn the template over, and repeat steps 2 through 4 on the right side of the trunk lid. 6. Using a center punch, punch the center of all four marks. NOTE: If using an automatic center punch, set it to the minimum setting. 7. While wearing eye protection, use an 8.5 mm Rotabroach to drill four holes into the center-punched marks. Drill perpendicular to the trunk lid. 8. Remove the tape installed in step 1. Remove all burrs and metal shavings with a file, and apply touch-up paint to the edges of the holes.