Home Auto Repair How to Install Full Nose Mask on 2018 Honda Civic

How to Install Full Nose Mask on 2018 Honda Civic


Download 2018 Honda Civic Full Nose Mask Installation Instructions – Installing the Hood Area 1. Open the hood. Fit the corners of the nose mask’s hood area around the hood, and adjust it so it fits smoothly over the edges. Attach one S-hooks to each hole on the underside of the hood, route the nose mask under the washer tube on the right side. Then tighten the straps. 2. Attach three S-hooks to the underside of the hood by inserting your finger into the belt of each hook.

Installing the Upper Bumper Area 3. Attach two square hooks on the nose mask’s upper bumper area to the front bulkhead cover. Attach two S-hooks to the vehicle frame. 4. Attach the six hooks to the front grille opening. Insert the lower inner corner of the left tab between the front grille and front bumper, then push down and slide the tab until it’s fully inserted between front grille and front bumper. Repeat for tab on the other side. Installing the Lower Bumper Area 5. Remove the self-tapping screw.