Home Auto Repair How to Install a Tailgate Spoiler on a 2018 Honda Civic

How to Install a Tailgate Spoiler on a 2018 Honda Civic


Download 2018 Honda Civic Tailgate Spoiler Installation Instructions – 1. Remove the two bolts securing the tailgate spoiler trim. 2. Carefully pull on the tailgate spoiler trim to release the four clip pins from the grommets. NOTE: The grommets will stay in the tailgate. 3. Remove the four grommets from the tailgate. Washer Nozzle Adjustment 4. Apply a strip of masking tape to the rear window in the areas shown. 5. Turn on the rear window washer and make sure the washer fluid lands within the area shown. If it is not in the correct spray area, adjust the washer nozzle as needed.

NOTE: • Adjust the washer nozzle by gently gripping the outside of the nozzle and then moving it. • Do not insert tools into the nozzle hole as it may cause the washer fluid to spray incorrectly. 6. Remove the masking tape. Installing the Tailgate Spoiler 7. Using two alcohol swabs, thoroughly clean the tailgate where the tailgate spoiler will attach. 8. Install the four clips on the tailgate spoiler. 9. Remove the six adhesive backings from the tailgate spoiler. 10. With the help of an assistant, position the tailgate spoiler on the tailgate and loosely install the two bolts.