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How to Install Exhaust Pipe Finisher on 2018 Honda CR-V


Download 2018 Honda CR-V Exhaust Pipe Finisher Installation Instructions – Installing the Exhaust Pipe Finisher 1. Slide the exhaust pipe finisher in until the projection of the exhaust pipe finisher contacts the end of the exhaust pipe. 2. Thread one washer-bolt into the exhaust pipe finisher. While holding the exhaust pipe finisher firmly against the exhaust pipe, tighten the washer-bolt. Torque the washer-bolt to 10 N·m (7 lb·ft). 3. Start the engine, and rev it up a few times. Listen for vibration from the exhaust pipe finisher, and adjust if necessary.

USE AND CARE Use a sponge or cloth and a solution of mild liquid dishwashing soap and water to clean the exhaust pipe finisher. Wax the exhaust pipe finisher using Honda Metal Polish (08C20-A021S). Never use a wax that contains abrasive material as it may scratch the surface. NOTE: • Be careful not to damage the vehicle body and the parts of the vehicle. • The exhaust pipe finisher is designed exclusively for the CR-V; it is not applicable to any other models.