Home Auto Repair How to Install Rear Bumper Protector on 2018 Honda CR-V

How to Install Rear Bumper Protector on 2018 Honda CR-V


Download 2018 Honda CR-V Rear Bumper Protector Installation Instructions – Installing the Rear Bumper Protector 1. Position the rear bumper protector on the rear bumper, and line up the sticker on the rear bumper protector with the center of the striker. 2. On the left side of the rear bumper protector, line up the crease in the bumper protector with the crease in the bumper. Then, secure the rear bumper protector to the rear bumper with masking tape, and repeat this on the right side. 3. Attach masking tape along the rear bumper protector as shown.

4. Remove the rear bumper protector from the rear bumper. 5. Attach masking tape to the areas shown. 6. Using the alcohol swab, thoroughly clean the rear bumper where the rear bumper protector will attach. 7. Apply the primer to the rear bumper. NOTE: • Apply the primer evenly. • Be careful not to apply the primer anywhere except to the indicated area. • Do not apply additional primer. • Apply the primer, and let it dry for at least 10 minutes. • Attach the rear bumper protector within 24 hours after applying the primer.