Home Auto Repair How to Install the Crossbars on a 2018 Honda HR-V

How to Install the Crossbars on a 2018 Honda HR-V


Download 2018 Honda HR-V Crossbars Installation Instructions – Installing the Crossbars 1. Remove the four covers from the left roof rack rail. 2. Using isopropyl alcohol on a shop towel, thoroughly clean the areas where the left protective tape will attach. 3. Align the left protective tape on the left roof rack rail, and attach masking tape to the left roof rack rail as shown. 4. Remove the left protective tape. 5. Remove the adhesive backing and attach the left protective tapes to the roof rack rail. 6. Remove the masking tapes.

7.Repeat steps 1 through 6 to attach the right side protective tapes. 8. Make sure that the deflectors are attached on the front crossbar. Unlock the crossbar and pull the lever upward. Repeat on the other side. 9. Repeat step 8 on the rear crossbar. 10. Open the clamps by turning the levers counterclockwise. 11. Align each rivet with the holes on the roof rack rail, and position the front crossbar. Make sure the crossbar is on the protective tapes.