Home Auto Repair How to Install Hood Air Deflector on 2018 Honda HR-V

How to Install Hood Air Deflector on 2018 Honda HR-V


Download 2018 Honda HR-V Hood Air Deflector Installation Instructions – Installing the Hood Air Deflector 1. Open the hood. Peel the rubber molding from the inside edge of the hood in the areas shown, and locate the four square holes on the inside of the hood. Push one grommet nut into each square hole on the hood. 2. Using an alcohol swab, thoroughly clean the hood where the protective films will attach. 3. Remove the adhesive backings from the five protective films, and attach them to the front of the hood as shown.

4. Slide the two brackets B and the two brackets C between the hood and the rubber molding as shown, and align them with the holes in the grommet nuts. Loosely install a truss screw through each bracket. 5. Using masking tape, attach bracket A to the hood. 6. Close the hood. Position the hood air deflector on the hood. Align the holes in the hood air deflector with the holes in the five brackets. Install the hood air deflector to the brackets with two screws, two collars, and three clips. Tighten the screws securely.