Home Auto Repair How to Install the Front Grille on a 2018 Honda Fit

How to Install the Front Grille on a 2018 Honda Fit


Download 2018 Honda Fit Front Grille Installation Instructions – 1. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
2. Remove the front bumper: • Attach tape to the areas shown. • Remove the grille cover. • Remove the intake air guide. • Remove six self-tapping screws and eight clips. • Release four retaining tabs on each side. • With the help of an assistant, release one retaining tab on each side. • Then remove the front bumper. Place the front bumper on the blanket to prevent damage. 3. Remove the front grille from the front bumper.

4. Remove the stay from the front grille. 5. Install the stay to the front grille. 6. Install the front grille to the front bumper. 7. Check that all wire harnesses are routed properly and all connectors are plugged in. 8. Install all removed parts. 9. Connect the negative cable to the battery. 10. Press and hold the audio unit power button for two seconds to restore the audio and navi (if equipped) system functions. 11. Set the clock on vehicles without navigation. 12. Restore the systems back to normal operation as described in the Service Manual if necessary.