Home Auto Repair How to Install Rear Bumper Applique on 2018 Honda Fit

How to Install Rear Bumper Applique on 2018 Honda Fit


Download 2018 Honda Fit Rear Bumper Applique Installation Instructions – 1. Use the alcohol swab to thoroughly clean the area where the rear bumper applique will attach. 2. Remove the center adhesive backing from the rear bumper applique. 3. Place the rear bumper applique on the rear bumper, and line up the cutout with the tailgate latch anchor as shown. 4. Attach the center of the rear bumper applique to the rear bumper. 5. Starting from the center, remove the adhesive backing. Using the soft sleeve and applicator, firmly press down on the top section of the rear bumper applique.

6. Remove the adhesive backing, and firmly press the rear bumper applique against the rear bumper. 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the other side. 8. Once the top section is finished, rub the applicator along the round edge. Start in the middle, and work outward in small sections. Rub the applicator across and around the bumper three or four times to prevent air bubbles. NOTE: • Do not damage the paint finish. • This kit should only be installed if the ambient air temperature is 15° C (60° F) or above. • To allow the adhesive to cure, do not wash the vehicle for 24 hours. Make sure your customer is aware of this.