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How to Install 19 inch Aluminum Wheel on 2018 Honda Odyssey


Download 2018 Honda Odyssey 19 inch Aluminum Wheel Installation Instructions – 1. Before installing the tire pressure sensor, clean the mating surface on the sensor and the aluminum wheel. 2. Install the tire pressure sensor and the washer on the aluminum wheel, and tighten the valve nut, finger tight. Make sure the tire pressure sensor is resting on the wheel. 3. While holding the tire pressure sensor against the wheel, tighten the valve nut to the specified torque. Tightening torque: 8.0 N·m (5.9 lb·ft) 4. Install the tires according to the instructions in the service information.

5. Install the wheels on the vehicle, and torque to 127 N·m (94 lb·ft). If the vehicle is equipped with standard 18” wheels, continue with step 6; with standard 19” wheels, go to step 17. With standard 18” Wheels 6. Open the driver’s door. Using isopropyl alcohol on a shop towel, clean the area where the tire and loading information label will attach. Remove the adhesive backing from the label, and attach it over the standard tire and loading information label.