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How to Install ATF Cooler Kit on 2018 Honda Pilot


Download 2018 Honda Pilot ATF Cooler Kit Installation Instructions – 1. Remove the front bulkhead cover, the resonator, and the intake air guide. 2. Remove the splash shield, and fold down the front bumper skid trim lower flap. 3. Remove the lower air guide. 4. Remove the front bumper center lower grille NOTE: If equipped, remove the parking sensor sub harness clamps. 5. Slide the ATF cooler assembly up in front of the radiator as shown.

6. Secure the ATF cooler with the three 6 x 20 mm washer bolts to the front bulk head and the center mount support bracket. 7. Install the ATF pipe assembly bracket to the vehicle’s frame with the 6 x 12 mm flange bolt. 8. Remove the ATF filter hose and discard it. Then connect the upper ATF assembly hose to the ATF pipe, and the lower ATF assembly hose to the ATF filter as shown. 9. Install all removed parts. 10. Inspect the ATF and adjust the fluid level as needed. Refer to the “ATF Level – Check” section in the service information. 11. Install the hang-tag around the rear view mirror.