Home Auto Repair How to Install the Backup Sensors on a 2018 Honda Pilot

How to Install the Backup Sensors on a 2018 Honda Pilot


Download 2018 Honda Pilot Backup Sensors Installation Instructions – 1. Open the tailgate. 2. Wrap a shop towel around the hood latch. • Remove the front bulkhead cover. • Remove the intake air tube. • Disconnect the negative cable from the battery, then wait at least 3 minutes before starting work. 3. Pull each strap, and fold down the third row seats. 4. Remove the cargo lid. 5. Remove the cargo bin divider. 6. Release the eleven hooks from the vehicle frame. 7. Remove the vehicle frame from the left and right rear side trim panel.

8. Remove the rear trim panel. 9. Fold down the left second row seat, and move it forward. 10. Remove the left rear upper door sill trim. 11. Using an impact screwdriver, remove the two tie-down hooks. 12. Remove the cargo hook. 13. Pull the cover, and remove the screw. 14. Attach masking tape to the left quarter pillar trim as shown. 15. Remove the left rear side trim panel and unplug the vehicle connector. 16.Open the right rear door. 17. Remove the two self-tapping screws from the right rear wheel arch protector.