Home Auto Repair How to Install Remote Engine Start System on 2018 Honda Pilot

How to Install Remote Engine Start System on 2018 Honda Pilot


Download 2018 Honda Pilot Remote Engine Start System Installation Instructions – ENGINE REMOTE START SYSTEM REGISTRATION NOTE: The PCM code will be required for this procedure. 1. Connect the HDS to the data link connector. 2. From the System Selection Menu, select ONE-PUSH START, then go to Registration. NOTICE: Do not enter the 2-WAY KEYLESS SETUP menu. Performing this operation will damage the Keyless Access Control Unit. 3. Select KEYLESS ACCESS Remotes, then Add a KEYLESS ACCESS Remote and follow the HDS prompts. 4. Repeat step 3 for any additional Remote Starter remote.

5.After registration, verify all remote-related systems work normally with all remotes. REMOTE ENGINE START 1. Press LOCK, then press and hold ENGINE. The amber LED blinks, and the green LED stays solid for one second when the engine starts. You can repeat this once at any time within 10 minutes of the initial remote start for a 10-minute extension. 2. While remote engine start is on: • The climate control system can warm or cool the interior, depending on the ambient temperature. • The security system remains on. •Exterior lights and accessories remain off.