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How to Install Tailgate Chrome Trim on 2018 Honda Pilot


Download 2018 Honda Pilot Tailgate Chrome Trim Installation Instructions – 1. Using one alcohol swab, thoroughly clean the area where the tailgate chrome trim will attach. 2. Peel back the adhesive backings, and tape them to the front surface of the tailgate chrome trim with masking tape. Remove the small piece of adhesive backings. 3. Line up and attach the tailgate chrome trim as shown. 4. While applying light pressure against the tailgate chrome trim, carefully remove the taped adhesive backings. 5. Using a rubber roller, apply firm pressure against the tailgate chrome trim and roll from one end to the other.

Apply firm pressure especially at the ends. NOTE: • Do not damage the paint finish. • This kit should be installed only if the ambient air temperature is 15°C (60°F) or above. • To allow the adhesive to cure, do not wash the vehicle for 24 hours. Please advise the customer. TOOLS AND SUPPLIES REQUIRED Masking tape The following tool is available through the Honda Tool and Equipment Program. On the iN, click on Service > Service Bay > Tool and Equipment Program, then enter the number under “Search”. Or, call 888-424-6857. • Rubber Roller (T/N MHLE54D)