Home Auto Repair How to Install the Roof Basket on a 2018 Honda Pilot

How to Install the Roof Basket on a 2018 Honda Pilot


Download 2018 Honda Pilot Roof Basket Installation Instructions – Installing the Roof Basket 1. Remove the end caps from the front and rear baskets. 2. Attach the front and rear baskets to each other with 6 x 12 mm bolts and 12 mm washers. Torque the bolts to 2.2 lb-ft (3 N·m). 3. Put the fairing clamps around the front basket bars as shown. NOTE: Make sure the square holes face up. 4. Remove the protection film from the basket fairing, and place it on top of the fairing clamps.

Then, secure the basket fairing to the fairing clamps with carriage bolts B, 20 mm washers, and the fairing thumbwheels. 5. Using isopropyl alcohol on a shop towel, thoroughly clean the mounting plates where the foam pads will attach. 6. Attach the foam pads to the bottom of the mounting plates as shown. 7. Place the mounting brackets onto the roof basket bars as shown. The mounting brackets should be as far outboard as possible. NOTE: Make sure the roof basket is equally spaced front and rear.